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GITEX 2019 is inviting visitors to get hands-on with Artificial Intelligence, 5G and smart homes – innovations which will maximise the potential of human ingenuity.

Dubai will be the epicentre of the innovation economy in October when GITEX Technology Week – the region’s premier technology event – gets underway from October 6 to 10 2019.

GITEX Technology Week’s 39th edition will present the region’s biggest-ever 5G showcase, its most illustrious investor-start-up gathering, and a springboard for knowledge-building around AI, robotics and next-generation immersive technology, all encompassed under the movement of ‘Synergising the Mind and Technology Economy’.

These topics, along with thousands of concepts and brands, will be showcased live in the company of 100,000 plus tech experts and across 1.4 million square feet and 22 halls divided into sectors including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Future Mobility, GITEX Lifestyle Tech and Smart Cities, which will be the definitive venue for insight into the smart government of the future.

Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Events Management, Dubai World Trade Centre, organisers of GITEX, said: “Technologies, no matter how revolutionary they may be, offer no value to us unless they can create experiences to augment the well-being of individuals and larger society. GITEX continues to be the definitive platform where enterprises, start-ups and government entities come together, striving to engage the global technology community to harness the limitless ingenuity of humans and the power of technology to ensure meaningful benefits and impacts on society through intelligent discourse.”

GITEX: the home of 5G’s most innovative applications

Nearly a decade in the making, 5G is finally becoming a reality and is set to transform the Middle East’s economy. It represents a major breakthrough that will change the way that devices connect to the Internet, and to each other.

The Middle East and Africa region is set to be at the centre of the 5G revolution, with 30 million 5G mobile subscriptions expected in the region by 2024, and all six GCC countries are expected to launch 5G mobile services in the next two years, with the UAE aiming to deploy 5G by 2020. GITEX’s5G Countdown conference agenda will explorehow 5G will revolutionise Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and autonomous vehicles, as well as getting to the bottom of 5G security concerns.

GITEX is set to feature a key presence from 5G heavyweights that are already in the process of transforming the world’s connectivity.

Etisalat is already leading the race to deploy 5G in the Middle East, and will use GITEX to exhibit some of the most compelling use cases for the technology.

“5G is the major focus this year with a showcase of Digital Transformation and innovation expected across industry verticals like transportation, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation and oil and gas. This is in line with the UAE’s Vision 2021 and Etisalat’s strategy ‘Driving the Digital Future to Empower Societies’. At GITEX this year, we will showcase 5G-powered solutions for the first time globally, as it’s the perfect platform to inspire the visitors and customers to experience the immense potential of future revolutions and technologies,” said Dr Ahmed Bin Ali, Group Senior Vice President, Etisalat.

Global 5G leader Huawei has set out its stall to be the cornerstone of the ICT industry, with its multi-pronged approach to deliver world-class devices, networks and cloud and will be showcasing its technology portfolio at GITEX.

“Within the Middle East and internationally, 5G is gaining strong momentum in its commercial adoption. We have seen this first-hand by working on more than 50 5G commercial contracts and shipping over 200,000 5G base stations worldwide. Meanwhile, we have seen industries starting to embrace 5G, with it exploding into prominence by improving efficiency in many industries. By adding AI capabilities to the next generation of ICT products, AI also becomes more readily available for different fields of scientific research and business innovation. This combination will deliver more intelligence across every touchpoint of the digital economy,” said Hani Sobih ELKukhun, Vice President, Strategy, Huawei Middle East.

Swedish 5G giant Ericsson will have a key presence at GITEX, with the firm having already announced 24 global 5G contracts with major operators, including four in the Middle East, with over 40% of global mobile traffic currently passing through Ericsson’s networks.

“The exciting turning point that we have been eagerly waiting for is finally being realised. Today, 5G technology is a commercial reality, with several markets already switching on 5G during the course of 2019. From discussion to action, efforts to roll out 5G in the fastest, smoothest and most efficient way are gradually paying off. As an emerging technology, 5G is unleashing potential that is yet to be realised.  I believe GITEX 2019 is a great forum to inspire consumers and enterprises with the unlimited opportunities that 5G will bring us,” said Wojciech Bajda, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, and Head of Gulf Council Countries, Ericsson.

Technology’s new brain: Artificial Intelligence

The GITEX Artificial Intelligence Zone will unleash five days of non-stop free learning sessions, 10 Hours of INSEAD-powered AI Workshops and will cover the paradigm-shifting ways that AI is affecting agriculture, construction, procurement, marketing, factory automation and government.

World-leading AI expert and GITEX keynote speaker Dr Ben Goertzel, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Singularity Studio, and CEO and Founder of SingularityNET Foundation,will reveal how AI will merge with Blockchain to create deep value for businesses and society, increase human life expectancy and support medical research. Dr Goertzel is well-known in the technology world as the former chief scientist of Hanson Robotics, creator of social humanoid robot Sophia.

Siemens is making its GITEX debut this year, and the industrial automation and IoT leader will showcase the ways that intelligent infrastructure will be the foundation of the world’s future Smart Cities.

“We aim to demonstrate how the Internet of Things can have a positive impact on both economy and society. At GITEX, we’ll show how we’re working with Expo 2020 Dubai to create a blueprint for future Smart Cities, using our cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things, MindSphere. Additionally, we’ll focus on how the industrial sector can benefit from embracing the Digital Transformation, using IoT technology to drive economic development through intelligently digitalised industry,” said Franco Atassi, Head of Smart Infrastructure, Siemens Middle East.

All new: Future Mobility, Lifestyle Tech

The latest in high-tech transport solutions will be featured in the Future Mobility segment of GITEX, with companies such as General Motors and Rolls Royce showcasing how the latest advances in IoT and 5G will reinvent the transport paradigm. 

GITEX Lifestyle Tech will serve as the intersection between 21st Century innovation and a healthier life, with 225 million wearable devices expected to be shipped in 2019. In the Middle East alone, the smart home technology market is expected to reach $1.86 billion by 2022, while the consumer electronics market in the UAE will climb 6% to reach nearly $3.8 billion this year.

Samsungwill provide game-changing insights into the smart home of the future. GITEX visitors will get the chance to get a first look at Samsung’s newest mobile devices including the Galaxy Note 10 5G and Galaxy Fold, as well as Samsung’s groundbreaking advancements in 5G connectivity, which the company has been bringing to life over the past decade.

World-leading 360-degree camera specialist Insta 360 will be launching its regional presence at Lifestyle Tech, as well as flaunting its GO portable camera, which features game-changing auto-intelligent editing and digital video stabilisation.

Across its 1.3 million square foot venue, GITEX Technology Week will welcome over 4,800 exhibitors from over 100 countries, and host 290 hours of content over five days, while GITEX Future Stars will feature over 750 international start-ups and more than 1,500 investors and corporate buyers.