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The Lake of Expo picture was recently shared on social media by the official Expo account

With less than one year to go, you will start to notice more and more Expo related stuff popping up around the city. Dubai will showcase the World’s Greatest Show on October 20, 2020 at 9am.

Just beyond the Expo site near the Al Maktoum Airport, you will find an Expo lake. The lake was photographed by a talented Dubai-based photographer named Mostafa, who goes by the Instagram name @100.pixels.

Expo 2020 Dubai shared his picture on their official Instagram feed.

The site of the lake is currently open to the public and it’s easy to access. Interestingly, Expo told to Gulf News that the creator of the lake is currently unknown and Expo no one knows who was the brains behind this unique concept. The official Expo2020 Dubai media team says it’s not been created by them, either.